Non-Members Online Event(s) Payment

If you have access to a printer – or you are receiving your emails to your mobile device – individual events can be booked online – from each event – and then an Entry Pass will be issued to you via email, which you can either print off, or show the entry marshals from your mobile device. Otherwise..

This online facility is for Non EYTCC Members who would like to make an instant online payment for their event bookings – after completing an Events Booking Form – which must be posted with an A5 self-stamped addressed envelope, to the Events Secretary. Additional forms can be downloaded from here (opens in a new window). If you are wishing to attend a number of events, you may wish to consider becoming an EYTCC Member – as event entries are discounted, or free, along with other benefits.

Complete the form and enter an ‘NM’ Number (optional) – you may have been issued this it you’ve entered events previously. Then click on ‘Make Payment’ – when you will be sent directly to PayPal to complete your payment. Event fees can be found on the ‘Entry Pass’ section of the Booking Form – and they are also listed below. You will be paying the total amount for all of the events you are booking.


Non Members Event Booking Fees..

All events are £8 each event – which includes for 1 x passenger
02/05/2019 – The Bubble Car Museum – £8.00 – per person